Small & Large Line Taps, Core Drills, Valve Insertions and Line Stops

Whether you need a line tap, core drill, sewer service tap, or a valve inserted under pressure, feel confident that Rogers Tapping Service has the service to fit your needs.

Rogers Tapping Service has worked in a variety of industries which includes food service, hospitals, schools, prisons, military bases and manufacturing plants. We have worked for private contractors as well as most major municipalities.

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Line Taps

Whether inside existing buildings or on underground piping. Rogers Tapping Service can accommodate your needs.

Valve Insertions

Valve inserting is the process of installing a fully functioning resilient wedge gate valve into a pressurized line without interruption of existing service.

Line Stops

When a line needs to be temporarily shut down for repairs or line changes, a line stop is a great option.

Core Drills

Core drilling is a non-destructive process of cutting holes into, but not limited to, concrete walls, floors, vaults and manholes.