Line Taps

Tapping is a process of connecting new service to an existing line without compromising the integrity of the working system

1/2” – 24”

Whether inside existing buildings or on underground piping. Rogers Tapping Service can accommodate your needs.

Valve Insertions/Line Stops

Valve inserting is the process of installing a fully functioning resilient wedge gate valve into a pressurized line without interruption of existing service.

4” – 12″

Line Stops

When a line needs to be temporarily shut down for repairs or line changes, a line stop is a great option. Line stops prevent flow by the insertion of a temporary plug in the line. The plug is installed through a hot tap made through the line sleeve. Rogers Tapping Service can accommodate different line diameters and scenarios with the use of line stop technology.

Core Drills

Core drilling is a non-destructive process of cutting holes into, but not limited to, concrete walls, floors, vaults and manholes

2” – 30” (with or without boot)

Most municipalities require the installation of a boot to help seal around the pipe. For your convenience, if required, Rogers Tapping Service provides and installs a boot with each core.

A Real Valve, Inserted Under Full Line Pressure

  • Meets ANSI/AWWA C 515 material Standards
  • Installs on a full range of pipe sizes and types
  • Valve permanently restrained to the pipe to maintain pipe integrity
  • Provides isolation zones for security and peace of mind
  • Eliminates backflow contamination, purging and bac-t hits
  • Allows for removal/replacement of down stream pipe at any time
  • Enables in-line, under pressure repair of all moving parts
  • Ensures clean valve seat after installation process

Rogers Tapping Service is a certified installer of Team InsertValve